Tuition fees for international students

Nordic practice

image of Tuition fees for international students

This three-part study looks at tuition fees for international students in the Nordic Region. Part one maps the current status in the different countries. Part two looks at the impact of fees, e.g. by comparing international student numbers before and after the introduction of fees. The final part looks at potential future scenarios for tuition fees in a Nordic context.




Our methodology followed two parallel tracks – desk research and fieldwork. The main purpose of dividing the analysis up into two methods of data acquisition was to access all of the relevant sources and make sure no stone was left unturned. It was also important that the two tracks interconnected and continuously supplemented and supported each other throughout the process. The field research comprised qualitative interviews with representatives of relevant Nordic bodies; international offices in educational institutions; educational organisations; and NMP co-ordinators. This brought to light experiences with tuition fees and provided insights into a range of issues relating to their introduction. The desk research supplemented the insights from the field research with knowledge and information derived from reports and analyses of the fees issue. Relevant statistical data was also studied to identify trends in the intake of non-EU/EEA students and quantify the impact of tuition fees.


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