The Knowledge Triangle Programme

Methods and Tools in Design, Culture, Smart Cities, Health, Welfare and Entrepreneurship

image of The Knowledge Triangle Programme

The Knowledge Triangle programme was initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2011 with the aim to study and promote knowledge transfer between innovation actors in academia, industry and public sectors of the Nordic countries. Networks of relevant actors were established in key thematic areas to facilitate a systematic and sustainable model of cooperation with the long-term ambition to stimulate economic growth in the Nordic countries. In 2012, the programme was extended to include both Nordic and Chinese innovation actors. This publication is a collective work of partners of the Knowledge Triangle programme and provides an overview of the Nordic and Sino-Nordic networks. The publication acts as a report of the programme and as a guide for academia, research institutions and businesses to discover new models to build a strong knowledge base and accelerate innovation processes.



Literature Review

There is no accredited definition of the concept of the “knowledge triangle”, but all explanations conveyed so far by policy-makers, practitioners and academics alike point to the interaction between education, research and business sector – the three fundamental factors that contribute to the creation of a knowledge-based society and foster innovation.


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