Rethinking Nordic Co-operation in Higher Education

Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions in Northern Europe in the Light of Bologna

This report presents the main outcomes of a study on internationalization in higher education in the Nordic countries, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The study focuses on how academic goals of higher education institutions in general and their internationalisation strategies in particular, are influenced by the growing “economization”, and “marketization”. It also focuses on the factors that currently stimulate or hamper Nordic cooperation. In the conclusion, recent policy developments within the area of internationalization are discussed, and some suggestions for further policy initiatives are made. These sugegstions argue for more diversity and flexibility, clearer strategies and better linkages in the Nordic cooperation in higher education. The empirical data and case descriptions of the study can be found in a separate report called “Rethinking Nordic Co-operation in Higher education - National and Institutional Case Studies” (TemaNord 2005:523).