Northern Lights on TIMSS and PISA 2018

image of Northern Lights on TIMSS and PISA 2018

The results from PISA 2015 and TIMSS 2015 were published in November and December 2016. All the Nordic countries participated in PISA. Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden participated in TIMSS grade 4 and Norway and Sweden participated in TIMSS grade 8. The Nordic countries have similarities but also differences, which makes it interesting and valuable to carry out analyses in a Nordic perspective. In this report researchers from all the Nordic countries have done in-depth analyses on different policy relevant themes based on the results presented in 2016. The purpose of this report has been to present policy relevant analyses of TIMSS and PISA in a way that is accessible for policy makers on different levels in the Nordic countries, with the aim to contribute to further development in the education area.



Feedback for everybody? — Variations in students’ perception of feedback

All Nordic countries claim to advocate for equal opportunities for all students, irrespective of their gender or their social or ethnic backgrounds. However, the results presented in this study indicate that such equality is not always the case in practice. Using data from PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) 2015, I have examined teacher-student feedback from a student perspective and found that boys in all Nordic countries perceive significantly more feedback than girls do. In Finland, Norway, and Sweden, immigrant students perceive more feedback than non-immigrant students do. Finally, in all five Nordic countries, high-performing students perceive less feedback than low-performing students do. Implications for research, policy, and practice are discussed.


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