Nature Interpretation in the Nordic Countries

A Book about Experiences, Learning, Reflection and Participation When People and Nature Meet

image of Nature Interpretation in the Nordic Countries

Nature interpretation in the Nordic countries is a book about communication between nature interpreters and their participants in our landscapes. It's about first hand experiences of nature and the importance of to paying attention to what is inspiring and fascinating, especially valuable or threatened. And about possibilities to reflect over the relation between human and nature. Educators, researchers and interpreters contribute with articles about nature interpretation it theory and practice. The book is written for everyone who is interested in how interpretation can contribute to a sustainable future, nature conservation and areas in society like public health, democracy and the right for all citizens to visit and experience nature. The purpose is to inspire nature interpreters to offer more and even better experiences and learning in the Nordic nature and cultural landscapes.



The 30th Author – You

We hope that you have found some inspiration, new perspectives and something you want to learn more about in this book. We also hope that you will be one of the participants in the further development of and future story of nature interpretation in the Nordic countries. Here is some space for your own notes and reflections.


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