Higher Education in the Nordic Countries

Evaluation of the Nordic agreement on admission to higher education

image of Higher Education in the Nordic Countries

The Nordic agreement on admission to higher education aims to ensure that in all the Nordic countries applicants to higher education from another Nordic country should be considered for admission on the same or equivalent basis as local applicants. In 2014 the Nordic Institute of Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU) evaluated the agreement.  In the report the evaluators give a description and a mapping of Nordic student mobility in a European context, as well an evaluation how appropriate and effective the agreement is. It is concluded that the agreement and Nordic cooperation is largely taken for granted and that the agreement has both a practical and symbolic value for Nordic cooperation.  For the future development four possible scenarios and a set of general recommendations are given.



Student mobility in Europe

Nordic countries do represent a rather integrated region. At the same time, the Nordic countries are also players in the global higher education landscape and influenced by both European and global trends in higher education. This concerns both the kind of mobility patterns as well as the specific instruments that are used. Furthermore, in order to understand the context for Nordic student mobility and its possible future trajectories, one needs to examine the specific policy rationales for mobility, as well as major trends in student mobility in a global perspective.


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