Higher Education in the Nordic Countries

Collaboration, Specialisation and Concentration (CSC) within vulnerable academic areas

image of Higher Education in the Nordic Countries

The Nordic countries have a lot in common. We share the same values and culture in education, and vulnerable subjects face many of the same challenges across the Region. This makes it advantageous for us to work together on enhancing Nordic competencies and competitiveness and to generate Nordic added value by working together on these vulnerable subject areas. A Nordic approach will generate synergies that would not be possible to achieve at national level. Nordic work on Collaboration, Specialisation and Concentration (CSC) can help overcome the challenges faced by vulnerable study programmes all over the Region. From this starting point, the study looks at how work on CSC can help maintain sustainable, high-quality study programmes throughout the Nordic Region.



Frameworks for CSC initiatives for vulnerable subjects

This chapter starts by defining the concept of collaboration, specialisation and concentration as it is used in this study. We then present the existing Nordic frameworks and agreements that underpin the work done on CSC in vulnerable humanities subjects. The chapter concludes with a review of how each Nordic country approaches the issue of vulnerable subjects.


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