Evaluation of Nordplus 

image of Evaluation of Nordplus 

Nordplus is one of the most widely known initiatives under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers. For decades, Nordplus has provided a large number of people in the Nordic countries with opportunities to study or in other ways get culture and knowledge related experiences in another Nordic, and since 2008 Baltic, country. Nordplus has shifted in character and scope over the years, but can indeed be labelled a flagship programme and even a trademark for the Nordic Council of Ministers, andis perhaps its best recognised initiative of all. In this report, Technopolis Group (Technopolis Sweden and Technopolis Baltics) presents the results of an evaluation of the current programme period of Nordplus, 2012–2016.



Conclusions and recommendations

At this point, we may refer the reader to the evaluation questions that are listed in section 1.2. We have quite carefully focused on these questions through the evaluation. This means that the findings of the evaluation concern administration, organisation, some changes in selected sub-programmes, profiling and communication, and Nordplus’ relation to Erasmus+. The evaluation has not been targeting the results, outcome or effects of Nordplus. To investigate this further would be a truly inter-esting and exciting undertaking, but that is beyond the scope of this evaluation. Below, the findings of this evaluation are concluded before a set of recommendations are provided.


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