Comparative study of Nordic teacher-training programmes

image of Comparative study of Nordic teacher-training programmes

This is the first report to compare the teacher-training programmes in all of the Nordic countries. The main purposes of this comparative study are to create the basis for exchanges of information and to encourage mutual inspiration and learning. The study compares the Nordic programmes in four main areas: - Regulation - Student characteristics and recruitment - Structure - Terms and conditions of employment The report also includes pan-Nordic analyses and recommendations for further studies. The Nordic Council of Ministers commissioned the Danish Evaluation Institute and the Danish School of Education at the University of Aarhus, to conduct the study, along with partners in the other Nordic countries.




This chapter outlines the regulatory frameworks for the teacher-training programmes in the Nordic countries, i.e. the basis upon which the individual countries regulate their programmes. It also covers external national quality-assurance systems, the way the programmes are organised and the types of institutions at which they are based.


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