Ekonomiska utsikter i Norden 2012

Nordisk Konjunkturgruppes redegørelse efteråret 2011

image of Ekonomiska utsikter i Norden 2012

Ekonomiska utsikter i Norden 2012' er Nordisk Konjunkturgruppes redegørelse for den økonomiske situation i de nordiske lande i efteråret 2011. Rapporten indeholder i lighed med tidligere års rapporter både et separat kapitel med en oversigt over den økonomiske situation i de nordiske lande og kapitler om situationen i hvert enkelt nordisk land. Rapporten blev udarbejdet i forbindelse med de nordiske finansministres møde i november 2011 i København.




The Icelandic economy returned to 2.5% modest growth in the first half of the year following a 4% decline last year. Private consumption is rising again, supported by higher wages, social benefits, and a temporary interest rate subsidy, and large growth in inventories of both aluminum and marine products have supported export production.However, the positive impact on economic growth is being moderated by rapid import growth driven mainly by higher domestic demand. The unemployment rate dropped to 6.6 percent in September and is on a gradual downward trend.


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