Ekonomiska utsikter i Norden 2010

Nordiska konjunkturgruppens redogörelse hösten 2009

image of Ekonomiska utsikter i Norden 2010

Ekonomiska utsikter i Norden år 2010 är den nordiska konjunkturgruppens redogörelse för den ekonomiska situationen i de nordiska länderna hösten 2009. Rapporten innehåller i likhet med tidigare års rapporter dels ett särskilt kapitel med en översikt över den ekonomiska situationen i de nordiska länderna samt kapitel om situationen i varje enskilt nordiskt land.



The nordic- and international economy

Prospects for the international economy have improved in recent months, although the immediate future is still fraught with uncertainty. There are already signs that the recession is abating. Financial markets are improving and credit default swap spreads are diminishing to a level more closely in line with normal recession conditions. Stock prices declined last winter and were in March 2009 about half of their October 2007 level. Since spring of this year, stock prices have revived in most areas, although still below their previous highs. There are also signs that international credit markets are limbering up, although credit levels are still lower than in 2008. Economic indicators for the second and third quarter have shown that many developed countries are slowly emerging from the recession, whereas growth in developing countries is accelerating significantly. There are signs in the United States and the euro area that the recession is ending. International institutions estimate that the world economy will have declined in 2009, but predict a slow recovery in 2010. Unemployment is still rising in developed countries and is generally expected to increase for some time before reversing course as economic growth resumes.


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