Ekonomiska utsikter i Norden 2009

Nordiska konjunkturgruppens redogörelse hösten 2008

image of Ekonomiska utsikter i Norden 2009

Ekonomiska utsikter i Norden år 2009 är den nordiska konjunkturgruppens redogörelse för den ekonomiska situationen i de nordiska länderna hösten 2008. Rapporten innehåller i likhet med tidigare års rapporter dels ett särskilt kapitel med en översikt över den ekonomiska situationen i de nordiska länderna samt kapitel om situationen i varje enskilt nordiskt land.




For 2008, a GDP growth of 1.7 per cent was expected in the Ministry's September forecast, but due to the recent turmoil in the financial market economic growth is expected to be somewhat less than that, but still on the positive side due to strong exports growth. National expenditure is, at present, seen to decline by more than before due to a considerable decline in private consumption and investment. GDP is forecast to decline in 2009 as national expenditure declines substantially due to declining private consumption and investment but the decline in investment is due to substantial decrease in general business sector and residential construction.


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