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OECD Insights: Ageing discusses the problems, challenges, and opportunities that ageing brings to citizens and governments in developed and developing countries.
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Income Inequality

This book explores income inequality across five main headings. It starts by explaining some key terms in the inequality debate. It then examines recent trends and explains why income inequality varies between countries.
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Regulation, institutions and productivity

Empirical research on the drivers of multi-factor productivity (MFP) is abundant at the firm- and industry level but surprisingly little research has been conducted on the determinants of MFP at the macroeconomic level. In this paper, we seek to...
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Trends in Public Finance

To investigate how public finances could best be designed to promote long-run growth and address inequality, it is essential to have comprehensive, cross-country comparable data on government spending and revenues, along with structural and policy...
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Household savings forecast

Household saving is defined as household disposable income, less consumption, plus the change in net equity of households in pension funds.

Video: Getting stronger but tensions are rising

Press Conference for OECD Economic Outlook: Interim Report - 13 March 2018
OECD sees stronger world economy, but tensions are rising - OECD
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