Voluntary Work in the Nordic Region – Societal Cohesion in a New Era

image of Voluntary Work in the Nordic Region – Societal Cohesion in a New Era

Available online: https://pub.norden.org/nord2020-031/ Abstract [en]: Voluntary work is important in itself, but it also creates cohesion and other important resources for society. In the Nordic region, voluntary work has also been a key feature in the democratic debate, and has been important for creating political inclusion. This report indicates that voluntary work in the Nordic region remains stable but, under the surface, structural changes are taking place that suggest that voluntary work and organisations are now finding a different role to the one they occupied previously.

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Voluntary work by area

Voluntary work covers a large and diverse field. Many types of organisations run voluntary activities, everything from large aid organisations such as The Red Cross to local sports clubs, choirs and amateur dramatics. It is therefore necessary to distinguish between different types of organisations for which voluntary work is carried out, to obtain a more nuanced picture. Figure 2 shows the voluntary work divided by area, based on surveys from Denmark, Norway and Sweden; Finland and Iceland are not included in the diagram since comparable information is lacking from these countries.

English Icelandic, Finnish, Swedish

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