image of Megatrends

The current pace of global change has already had a decisive impact on the Arctic. To understand the current and likely future situation in the Arctic it is important to acknowledge the pre-conditions, challenges and tendencies at work here. Some of these developments should be characterised as megatrends because they overarch and impact on everything else. They are trends deemed so powerful that they have the potential to transform society across social categories and at all levels, from individuals and local-level players to global structures, and eventually to change our ways of living and thinking.



Responding to changing environments and responsibilities

Non-scientists, experiencing the weather, sometimes mistake its fluctuations for climate change. If the average drifts up or down over decades and centuries, we have climate change. Climate is more predictable than weather. Both types of variations, however, whether it is short term on weather or long term on climate, require to be taken into account, resulting in a re-thinking of how to plan for the future.


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