Indicators for the Information Society in the Baltic Region

Action Line 6

image of Indicators for the Information Society in the Baltic Region

The Northern e-Dimension Action Plan - NeDAP - 2005-06 was adopted by the Heads of Government of the Council of the Baltic Sea States during the 5th Baltic Sea States Summit in June 2004, and by the Nordic Council of Ministers in August 2004. The action plan is a tangible result of a new cooperation arrangement between the Council of Baltic Sea States, the European Commission and the Nordic Council of Ministers. The NeDAP 2005-06 consists of 8 action lines: 1. Internet and Internet Applications in Research and Development, 2. A Secure Information Infrastructure, 3. eSkills and eLearning , 4. eHealth, 5. eGovernment, 6. eIndicators, 7. eEnvironment, and 8. eInclusion. This report presents the results of work conducted in 2005 by action line 6, eIndicators, providing new and comprehensive statistics about the information societies in the Baltic Region.



ICT use by enterprises

The impact of ICT on the performance and competitiveness of enterprises is achieved through increased information flows, which result in knowledge transfer as well as improved organisation. ICT has become an important tool for improving production capacity and increasing international competitiveness by reducing the transaction costs involved in the production and exchange of goods and services, by increasing the efficiency of management functions, and by enabling firms to exchange and access more information. While ICT improves productivity in existing productive activities, it also makes possible the emergence of new activities such as on-line outsourcing of services and the production of different types of ICT goods.


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