Higher Education, Research and Innovation

A Feasibility Study on how to Strengthen Nordic-American Cooperation

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The vision of the Nordic council of Ministers for the Nordic region is built on visibility and international engagement. In research and education, the aim is to strengthen international competitiveness and safeguard a leading position in knowledge and welfare. Against this background Oxford Research and the Confederation of Danish Industry has been asked to conduct a feasibility study on how to increase cooperation between the Nordic countries and the U.S. within higher education, research and innovation. The results of the study shows that cooperation is well established but at the same time there is an interest in and potential for even stronger collaboration. A number of recommendations are given for concrete actions to be taken the by Nordic Council of Ministers and other actors interested in increasing the cooperation between the Nordic countries and the U.S.



Nordic country report on cooperation agreements with the U.S.

This appendix provides a short overview of each Nordic country’s cooperation with the U.S.


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