Nordregio Policy Briefs

Nordregio is an international research center for regional development and planning established by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Our policy briefs cover topics of both Nordic and European interest, with analysis of current issues and suggested paths of action for both policymakers and practitioners.


Governing the Digital Transition in the Nordic Regions

The Nordic countries are often positioned as digital front-runners in the European and global contexts. Digitalisation is changing the nature of business, jobs and provision of public services. Rapid digitalisation and technological change require governments and organisations to introduce proactive measures to embrace new digitalisation opportunities. How to create an enabling environment for digital transformation at the local, regional, national and Nordic levels? This policy brief explores the local and regional dimension of digital transformation. It examines the opportunities and challenges that Nordic regions are facing related to digitalisation and highlights some lessons learned from five Nordic regions implementing digitalisation agendas. It also sets out key recommendations for creating an enabling environment for digitalisation work at different governance levels. This research is part of the work of the Nordic Thematic Group on Innovative and Resilient Regions established by the Nordic Council of Ministers.


Keywords: Digitalisation, Nordic regions, governance
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