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image of Høsting av stillehavsøsters

Høsting av stillehavsøsters

Denne rapporten utreder sentrale spørsmål og fagområder knyttet til høsting av stillehavsøsters, som fremmed art og ny ressurs. Arten har etablert seg i nordiske kystfarvann. Den er regnet som invasiv og tette bestander kan føre til endringer i...
image of 30 Years of Swan History

30 Years of Swan History

This is an account of the Swan label’s first thirty years, written in chronological order with short chapters each illustrating various aspects of the scheme. There are few areas of public life in which there have been so many vague pronouncements as...
image of Monitoring of Microplastics in the Marine Environment

Monitoring of Microplastics in the Marine Environment

The need for harmonized monitoring protocols for marine microplastic has been discussed for many years, but how to reach this goal has not been agreed upon. Important questions addressed when microplastics are monitored are: how to carry out field...
image of Transition to a Bioeconomy in Northwest Russia

Transition to a Bioeconomy in Northwest Russia

The development of a bioeconomy is at the forefront of the national and regional agendas of many European countries. Yet, little is known about the status and the institutional and policy frameworks for bioeconomy development in Northwest Russia....
image of Domestic material consumption (DMC)

Domestic material consumption (DMC)

This indicator shows the domestic material consumption (DMC) for each of the Nordic countries.

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