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  • The Pelagic Complex conference was the major event in the Faroese Chairmanship of the Nordic Fisheries Cooperation 2010. It proved to be an excellent conclusion to the year-long discussion on highly-topical and extremely relevant fisheries policy issues that the Faroese Chairmanship had desired to address in 2010.

  • The Pelagic Complex conference was held on 7 - 9 September 2010 in the Nordic House Cultural Centre in the Faroe Islands. The theme of the conference was especially relevant for political policymakers in fisheries management and attempted to focus on the specific challenges faced by the scientific community engaged in fisheries research. It brought together over 170 participants from 14 different countries. Some 100 delegates attended from the Faroe Islands, while the others hailed from Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Holland, England, United States, Scotland, Finland, Russia, Canada, France, Greece and Australia.

  • Each session was led by a Session Chair, who, in addition to managing the comments and discussion held during the session, also had the responsibility of preparing a summary of the individual presentations and the subsequence discussion. Each session included a number of presentations followed by focused discussion. Each session also ended with a general discussion on the overall theme of the session.

  • The overall goal of the conference was to facilitate a scientifically-based and politically relevant discussion on the future of the North East Atlantic pelagic fisheries. In this context, the title of the conference contained three key words: Challenges, Opportunities and Future. In order to adequately and appropriately explore these issues, the intent of the conference was to attract a broad and well-qualified participation from scientists, academics, political and business leaders, who were capable of providing accurate summations of the current situation regarding the pelagic fisheries and to address the many questions that are necessary to clarify and forge a prospective, scientifically-based policy for the sustainable development of the pelagic fisheries.

  • Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, On behalf of the Faroese Ministry of Fisheries and the Nordic Council of Ministers, I would like to welcome you to the Faroe Islands, to the Nordic House, and to the Conference on the Pelagic Complex.