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  • Three years ago, national organisations for IT in health care in the Nordic countries initiated a collaborative network. The partners are MedCom, KITH, STAKES, Ministry of Health (Iceland), and Carelink. In addition to a constructive exchange of experiences, this network has planned and implemented several joint activities. The network also initiated two working groups to address issues related to national communication networks, information security, and electronic directories.

  • This report studies the use of IT in the public sector, with an emphasis on health care and social services. The purpose of the study is to enhance the opportunities for the Nordic countries to learn from each other and to cooperate. The countries studied are Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, and Norway.

  • Governments are under pressure to deliver more value for taxpayers’ money. Administrations have to deliver more and better services with equal or fewer resources. The challenge is to achieve productivity growth in the public sector to create more opportunity for service improvement without increasing the cost. Moreover, as the population becomes older, public administrations will have to manage with fewer employees and fewer working taxpayers, while having to provide largely the same number of services at a higher level of quality. Civil servants demand more interesting jobs, with more opportunity for self-development and personal interaction.