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  • 24 Jan 2005
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 54
Denne rapporten er en rapportering fra et seminar om personvern og forbrukerrettigheter i transport som ble arrangert i Oslo 15. november 2004 i regi av Nordisk ministerråd. Seminaret kom i stand etter initiativ fra Temagruppen for intelligente...
The concept of political consumerism draws on the observation that consumer choice and the rising politics of products is an increasingly important form of political participation, especially with regard to such issues as human rights, animal rights,...
Even small increases in a country's growth rate can result in large changes in living standards over just one generation. This key insight, which often seems to be forgotten by policymakers, is an important reason why the field of economic growth...
  • 16 Nov 2005
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 51
The Montreal Protocol has had great success in reducing the production and use of a number of known ozone depleting substances. As a result many alternatives to the banned substances have been developed. Some of these substances have, however,...
The prenatal screening technologies are there and will be refined and used. However, prospective parents should be given a broad picture, including information from families with similarly impaired children and from disabled adults, and then be...
  • 24 May 2006
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 63
Campylobacteriosis is currently the single most important cause of gastrointestinal disease in Denmark and several other European countries. One of the available tools for reducing the number of human infections is the implementation of strategic...
  • 17 Jan 2007
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 66
A Nordic project was initiated as part of an evaluation of sludge treatment processes based on the suggested new EU legislation (EC 2000REF). This report covers the different parts of the project. The project focused on sewage and sludge treatment...
  • 19 Apr 2007
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 78
Denna rapport utgör den andra delen av ett nordiskt projekt med syfte att ge en lägesbeskrivning av hanteringen av bygg- och rivningsavfall och hälso- och miljöskadliga ämnen i bygg. Syftet har även varit attt identifiera gemensamma utmaningar samt...
  • 27 Feb 2008
  • Gunnar Aronsson, Vilhelm Borg, Marit Christensen, Thomas Clausen, Klas Gustafsson, Jari Hakanen, Karoline Hofslett Kopperud, Lisa Vivoll Straume
  • Pages: 78
Positive psychology investigates the positive aspects of human life. Positive psychologists contend that it is difficult to understand the factors that create health, balance and meaningful lives through studying sickness, dissatisfaction and...
  • 07 Apr 2008
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 40
This report presents a joint Nordic project on method development for measurement of release rate of active substances from antifouling products. The aim was to evaluate whether a prolongation of a standard method for release rate measurement of...
  • 06 May 2008
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 104
Varje dag möter unga personer reklam för chips, läsk, godis och söta efterrätter. Samtidigt som övervikten breder ut sig bland nordiska barn. Reklam påverkar och därför finns en stor del av ansvaret hos företagen. Sveriges Konsumenter har mätt reklam...
  • 16 May 2008
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 50
This report is elaborated for manufacturers, other business operators, and interested parties in the production chain. The document should ensure that the end-product fulfils Article 3 of Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004. This report applies to food...
  • 19 May 2008
  • Jo Inge Hesjevik, Ragnar Johannson, Helge Liltved, Jostein Solbakken, Lars Windmar
  • Pages: 20
Raportti on lyhennelmä samannimisestä laajemmasta raportista. Raportti kuvaa parhaitakäytettävissä olevia menetelmiä (BAT) päästöjen vähentämiseksi ja resurssien käyttämiseksikalanviljelyelinkeinossa Pohjoismaissa. Raportti jakaantuu kahteen osaan,...
  • 10 Sep 2008
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 39
Scots pine tar has been used for wood protection in the Nordic countries for over a millennium. Pine tar is in particular used on old traditional wooden buildings and structures and it is important for protection of cultural heritage in the Nordic...
  • 19 Nov 2008
  • Patrick Spaven
  • Pages: 57
Increasing globalization is making the world smaller. The Nordic countries and their companies can benefit from this by exploring new markets. One of the most important markets to get established on is the Chinese, the biggest market in the world. In...
  • 25 Nov 2008
  • Gunnar Aronsen, Kristian Gautesen, Atle Middtun, Mats Nilsson, Juha Ollikainen, Juha Ruokonen, Anna-Maija Turkama
  • Pages: 92
This study was commissioned by the Nordic Working Group for Renewable Energy in January 2008. The report is based on a literature review, interviews of selected companies and organisations and market expertise and analysis of the GreenStream Network...
The Nordic Product Registers has since 2003 been working on harmonizing the reporting process for companies in the Nordic countries. The objective of this report is to clarify the technical solution needed to accommodate the harmonization. This...
Second corrected edition. The Nordic countries have a close co-operation in the field of occupational safety and health (OSH). The objective of this study is to compare OSH policies in the Nordic countries in relation to the Nordic co-operation...
  • 13 May 2009
  • Thomas Lindhqvist, Åke Thidell
  • Pages: 73
The generation of household waste is increasing at least as fast as consumption. More and more products are produced, bought, consumed and discarded. The question is where do all these products end up? The aim of the study was to evaluate if, and...
  • 19 Nov 2009
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 124
Payment for ecosystem services (PES) is a type of environmental policy instrument that gives the owner of a natural resource direct incentives to manage it in society's best interest. The report provides an overview of current theory and experiences...
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