• 05 Aug 2019
  • Thor Schliemann, Camilla Danielsen, Teemupekka Virtanen, Riikka Vuokko, Gudrun Audur Hardardottir, Magnus Andre Alsaker, Bjarte Aksnes, Niklas Eklöf, Erika Ericsson
  • Pages: 68
This report summarises the discussions from a seminar held 30 and 31 August 2018 in Copenhagen on eHealth standardisation in the Nordic countries. The seminar was organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ eHealth group. The report represents the...
  • 05 Aug 2019
  • Anne Raudaskoski, Torben Lenau, Tapani Jokinen, Anna Velander Gisslén, Anna-Luise Metze
  • Pages: 39
Presently most electrical/electronic equipment (EEE) is not designed for recycling, let alone for circulation. Plastics in these products account for 20% of material use, and through better design, significant environmental and financial savings...
  • 09 Jul 2019
  • Marianne Olsen, Karina Petersen, Alizee P. Lehoux, Matti Leppänen, Morten Schaanning, Ian Snowball, Sigurd Øxnevad, Espen Lund
  • Pages: 81
The Nordic Council of Ministers have recognized the need to compile the knowledge of sediment remediation strategies and to evaluate different remediation approaches. The objective of this report is to give a status of regulatory framework and...
  • 09 Jul 2019
  • Louise Halleskov, Nicolaj Sivan Holst
  • Pages: 76
I rapporten beskrives de menneskeretlige rammer for at pålægge kontakt- eller opholdsforbud, med henblik på at forebygge chikane eller kriminel adfærd over for en tidligere partner. Det udledes, hvilke grænser Den Europæiske...
  • 08 Jul 2019
  • Anna Palmé, Heli Fitzgerald, Jens Weibull, Kristina Bjureke, Kaija Eisto, Dag Endresen, Jenny Hagenblad, Marko Hyvärinen, Elina Kiviharju, Birgitte Lund, Morten Rasmussen, Hjörtur Þorbjörnsson
  • Pages: 75
The report summarizes results from a cooperation among all the Nordic countries during the period 2015 – 2019 (two projects). The work has focused on the conservation of Crop Wild Relatives (CWR), i.e. wild plant species closely related to crops....
  • 08 Jul 2019
  • Ellen Dröfn Gunnarsdóttir, Kristín Erla Harðardóttir, Gestur Gudmundsson
  • Pages: 46
Nabo is a project launched under the Swedish presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers 2018. The project is run by the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society over the period 2018-2020 and seeks to make the youth perspective visible through...
  • 26 May 2019
  • Finn Lauritzen, Martin Gormsen
  • Pages: 56
Rapporten ”Nordisk tv på tværs af grænser” er lavet på opdrag fra Nordisk Ministerråd (kulturministrene), og giver en aktuel analyse af en række relevante problemstillinger og perspektiver i forhold til at se på mulighederne for at øge tilgangen til...
  • 20 May 2019
  • Henrik Sparholt, Bjarte Bogstad, Villy Christensen, Jeremy Collie, Rob van Gemert, Ray Hilborn, Jan Horbowy, Daniel Howell, Michael C. Melnychuk, Søren Anker Pedersen, Claus Reedtz Sparrevohn, Gunnar Stefansson, Petur Steingrund
  • Pages: 34
Global fisheries catches can be increased in a sustainable way after rebuilding of fish populations, if ecosystem functioning is considered. A central biological reference point for fisheries management, Fmsy, the fishing pressure that gives the...
Dette er en guide, som giver viden om gode metoder, værktøjer og tiltag, der kan få indvandrerkvinder i arbejde. Guiden er rettet mod fagpersoner og mellemledere på kommunalt og statsligt niveau, som arbejder med arbejdsinkludering af kvinder med...
  • 13 May 2019
  • Anna Laine, Mikko Halonen, Jenni Mikkola, Katharina Lütkehermöller, Niklas Höhne, Maria Jose de Villafranca Casas
  • Pages: 45
The Global Climate Action Agenda (GCAA) covers a wealth of cooperative action between governments, cities, businesses, non-governmental organisations and citizens. Non-state climate initiatives under the GCAA represent a key means to rapidly bridge...
  • 09 May 2019
  • Caroline Haglund Stignor, Tommy Walfridson
  • Pages: 95
This study was performed for Nordsyn sponsored by Nordic Council of Ministers. The aim was to analyse if the energy labels of air-to-air heat pumps give consumers in Nordic countries sufficient information on energy performance, since declared...
  • 09 May 2019
  • Emelie von Bahr, Geir Vasseljen Mørkrid, Kristian Sipiläinen, Peter G. Madsen, Sandra Friis-Jensen
  • Pages: 90
What role do evaluations for environmental policies have in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden? And could evaluations be better implemented in order to create and uphold effective and efficient environmental policies? These are...
  • 03 May 2019
  • Kasper Mogensen, Troels Fjordbak, Lovisa Blomqvist
  • Pages: 39
The NordCrawl2 project was done for the Nordic Nordsyn cooperation, sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Within this project the webcrawling Nordcrawl-tool was developed for market surveillance - to find missing labels and products not...
  • 03 May 2019
  • Caroline Haglund Stignor, Tommy Walfridson
  • Pages: 111
The study presented in this report has been performed for Nordsyn sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The aim of this study was to analyse if the information given on the energy labels of air-to-water heat pumps give consumers in Nordic...
  • 03 May 2019
  • Outi Rantala, Suzanne de la Barre, Brynhild Granås, Gunnar Þór Jóhannesson, Dieter K. Müller, Jarkko Saarinen, Kaarina Tervo-Kankare, Patrick T. Maher, Maaria Niskala
  • Pages: 76
The seasonal nature of tourism is increasingly receiving the attention of various actors: tourism destination planners and economic development strategists at all levels, tour operators and the diverse businesses that significantly depend on tourism,...
  • 02 May 2019
  • Helge Sigurd Næss-Schmidt, Martin Bo Westh Hansen, Sixten Rygner Holm, Bjarke Modvig Lumby
  • Pages: 81
Carbon leakage is a situation in which a policy-induced reduction in CO2 emissions domestically is followed by increased emissions abroad. We investigate from a Nordic perspective what industries are at risk of carbon leakage. We find that aluminum...
  • 26 Apr 2019
  • Vilde Hernes, Jacob Nielsen Arendt, Pernilla Andersson Joona, Kristian Rose Tronstad
  • Pages: 141
This report has been commissioned by the Labour Market Committee of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The chief aim is to provide policy-relevant knowledge by conducting a comparative analysis of refugee labour-market integration in Scandinavia....
  • 23 Apr 2019
  • Joe Papineschi, Dominic Hogg, Tanzir Chowdhury, Camilla Durrant, Alice Thomson
  • Pages: 194
At an important time in Nordic Waste Policy, as the 2018 Circular Economy Package makes significant updates to key European Union directives, this work looks back at the Nordic regulatory framework for waste from the 1970s and its effect upon waste...
  • 17 Apr 2019
  • Lene Buhl-Mortensen, Julian Mariano Burgos, Petur Steingrund, Pål Buhl-Mortensen, Steinunn H. Ólafsdóttir, Stefán Á. Ragnarsson
  • Pages: 144
This report presents results from the NovasArc project that has collated data on the distribution of vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs) in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters. Eleven VMEs were identified, based on management goals for coral and sponge...
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