The Dual Risk Approach in Nutrition

Present and Future Perspectives and Challenges

image of The Dual Risk Approach in Nutrition

This report summarizes a Nordic symposium on the current use and challenges in applying a dual risk assessment approach in the setting of nutrition recommendations. The symposium is timed with respect to the forthcoming update of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR). At the symposium invited experts addressed the methodological framework for the dual risk approach for setting nutrition recommendations, including the terminologies and the criteria for the assessment. Case studies were presented to underline some of the specific current Nordic challenges, including use of supplements. Especially, the lack of data for risk assessment in nutrition was addressed with examples on extrapolations to subgroups such as children and the elderly and to energy and protein. Also, the development of nutrition risk assessment using nutrient intakes and chronic disease endpoints was addressed.




Wednesday 14 March 2018, Aud. A1-01.01, University of Copenhagen, Bulowsvej 17, Frederiksberg C, Denmark.


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