Sports Nutrition Products

A Nordic Consumer Study

image of Sports Nutrition Products

This report examines the Nordic consumers' behaviours and attitudes in the sports nutrition category. The methodological approach has consisted of three components, two focus groups with users of sports nutrition products in Norway, an ethnographic mini fieldwork at a gym and a 24 hour indoor run in Oslo, and a quantitative survey with 1 000 respondents from Norway, Sweden and Denmark respectively. Quantitative results indicate that people who use sports nutrition products are more active than non-users, and they tend to exercise in more social settings such as gyms or sports teams. Qualitative findings show that gender influences type of sporting activities engaged in, which again structures the level of consumption of sport nutrition products and type of products used. People use sports nutrition products for a variety of sports, however they are most commonly used in connection with weight-lifting and bicycling/spinning.



Background of the study

The sale of sports nutrition products in the Nordic countries has expanded greatly in recent years. The market has increased both in sales numbers, variety of products offered and number of sales channels. Particularly products aimed to enhance performance and results from training seem to be rapidly increasing. Examples are protein products, energy bars, sport drinks and energy gels. The sports nutrition market has expanded in the last years, specifically when it comes to sales figures and range of products offered. There are more sports nutrition products and brands on offer, and specialized sports nutrition products are designed for different kinds of sport activities, as well as products especially designed for each gender.


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