Risk Management of Foodborne Zoonotic Bacteria from Farm to Table in the Nordic Countries

image of Risk Management of Foodborne Zoonotic Bacteria from Farm to Table in the Nordic Countries

This report presents an overview of the existing risk management systems for food borne zoonotic pathogens within each Nordic country, containing contributions from each country. Each contribution presents the overall food safety policy in that specific country, and outlines the structure and organisation of the food control systems, the food safety legislation, the control and registration of foodstuffs, and monitoring/surveillance programmes. The report includes a discussion on views and experiences concerning risk management for food safety based on the farm to table continuum. The strength and weaknesses of the risk management systems in the Nordic countries are discussed and it is concluded that the process could be more structured so that the transparency and documentation of the process is improved.




The present report has been prepared for the Nordic Council of Ministers by a Nordic working group. The report is one of two parallel reports, the first concerning risk management of zoonotic bacteria from farm to table in the Nordic countries, and the second concerning microbiological databases in the Nordic countries. The Nordic countries have a tradition of addressing foodborne health hazards with a perspective encompassing all steps from farm to table. This policy enables control measures to be carried out as close to the source as possible. Thus, both Nordic agriculture and the Nordic control systems possess a structure making an efficient preventive effort against many food borne zoonotic agents possible already in the primary production.


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