Nordic co-operation on food information

Activities of the Nordic Food Analysis Network 2013-2016

image of Nordic co-operation on food information

The Nordic Food Analysis Network project (NFAN, 2013–2016) focused on creating a common, simple communicational platform to share history and plans on chemical food analyses. This report describes the activities that have taken place in the area of chemical food analysis, for the national food composition databases of the Nordic countries, at the national level, since 2000 and specific activities of this network between the years of 2013–2016. This network picked fibre, iodine and sodium as specific nutrients to focus on during this project, and comparative analyses of selected Nordic food items were carried out during this project with external funding. The results of the activities are summarized in this project report.




The quality of food composition information is of great significance, considering the vast and important use of the data: for national dietary advice, for food nutrient labelling and in epidemiological research. The Nordic countries have collaborated, in the field of food composition information, for several decades. In recent years, an increased interest in food analyses, the ever-reducing resources for carrying out analytical food composition information projects and, at the same time, improved possibilities for sharing information have motivated the activities of the Nordic Food Analysis Network.


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