Food Labelling

Report from a Nordic Seminar, Oslo, Norway, November 2006

image of Food Labelling

The European Commission has launched an extensive revision of the Food Labelling legislation. In a Consultative Document of February 2006, DG SANCO highlighted some specific themes they wanted to explore further. Based on this a Nordic Seminar, supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Food Issues, was arranged in November 2006. The aim of the seminar was to provide a platform for discussion about food labelling issues important to the Nordic countries and stakeholders regarding the issues highlighted in the Consultative Document. Comments from Nordic stakeholders and policymakers who participated at the workshop are presented in this report. Additionally, comments have been included from Nordic consumer studies.



Additional comments from workshop discussion

The stakeholders also answered three more questions about food labelling in their group discussion. These questions were the opening and introductory questions to help shape the groups and begin discussing the topics. The comments below are keywords from the different group presentations.


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