Food contact materials – in-house documentation and traceability

Nordic check lists to industry and trade

In-house control and the documentation of it, is the basis for the assurance of compliance with the legislation, both in the food area and in the area of FCM. This report is a check list to guide on declarations of compliance, and the target group for the project is industry, trade and private consultants as well as the public food inspection, both in the Nordic countries and in the EU. The Nordic food authorities have elaborated these check lists with the minimum requirements to the documentation needed for compliance with the legal requirements in the in-house documentation in industry and trade. The documentation should be the basis for declarations of compliance. A declaration of compliance can either be identical with the documentation or an extract. The check lists parameters cover minimum requirements for the development of sufficient in-house documentation, in general, in all links of the value chain. They are drafted in order to give a starting point for industry and trade when developing their in-house documentation and declaration of compliance. It can be used in present and future work on improving or constructing in-house control in order to ensure compliance with the requirements in the legislation, especially the EU regulation no. 1935/2004, but also the specific measures in the area.