Food contact materials and articles: Printing Inks

Check lists for compliance in industry and trade and control by food inspection

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In-house control and the documentation of it is the basis for the assurance of compliance with legislation, in the food area and in the area of food contact materials (FCM). Safe use of FCM is a complicated area, in general, and specifically the use of printing inks and the critical points in the printing process. One of the goals for this check list is to contribute to the development of more uniform control and requirements for in-house control. Printing inks used in FCM are regulated by these general requirements and some uses are addressed more specifically , and as there is no specific legislation in the area in EU yet. In-house documentation is based on the assumption, that each link in the supply chain ensures compliance. The check lists set a frame with minimum requirements to all relevant links in the supply chain from producers to food industry and trade. The check lists are guidance to industry and trade in order to ensure compliance with the requirements in the FCM.



Check lists for drafting declaration of compliance

Printing inks used in FCM, are a potential source of contamination of the packed food. The final material shall comply with the legislation, including requirements on migration and set-off. Adequate in-house control in industry at every step of production is a tool to prevent violation of this legislation.


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