Consumption of pesticides

This indicator shows the use of pesticides in tonnes of active ingredients, in the Nordic region. Data refers to the active substance in individual pesticides, i.e. without fillers, water etc. The quantities of active substances vary with each product (from approximately 10 per cent to approximately 80 per cent of the marketed product). Pesticides are chemical products primarily in the agricultural sector to fight weeds, fungi and insects. Pesticides can harm environmental conditions for humans, wild animals, plants and insects and can pollute waters. Data is available for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Denmark: Data refers to sales for use in plant production in open agriculture. Finland: Data (other pesticides) includes forest pesticides and growth regulators. Sweden: Data refers to sales. Due to a known introduction of a tax from 2004, consumption increased during 2003 and decreased during 2004. From 2005 the consumption is on the same level as earlier. For more information on Nordic Statistics:


Keywords: fungi, environment, insect, weeds, pesticide, fungus, pollution