Coexistence of genetically modified, conventional and organic crops in the Nordic countries

This report describes the status of adoption or preparation of regulation of coexistence between genetically modified (GM), conventional and organic crops in the Nordic countries by the end of 2006. At the time of writing the report, Denmark was the only country that had coexistence rules in place. In the other countries, coexistence legislation was in various stages of drafting and adoption, with Sweden being at the most advanced stage. The main elements included in the co-existence rules or draft regulations in the Nordic countries seem to be quite similar. However the scope of the rules and their coverage of adhering industries may differ. Also, the crop specific measures decided or considered in each country seem to differ. The report also deals with the issue of liability and compensation. Denmark has chosen to start up with a compensation scheme whereas the other countries were still considering which solution to choose at the time of writing the report. By the end of 2007 or beginning of 2008 it may be expected that at least Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland all have coexistence rules in place.