Bat for fiskeopdræt i norden

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• Indledning

• Sammendrag

• Livsstadier

• Landbaseret opdræt

• Miljøpåvirkninger fra landbaseret opdræt

• Vandrensningsteknologier til brug i landbaseret opdræt

• Reduceret miljøbelastning fra landbaseret opdræt

• Landbaserede referenceanlæg



Report structure

This report considers how “Best Available Technologies” (BAT) can be applied to reduce the environmental impact of aquaculture in the Nordic countries. In an effort to accomplish this task it has been sought to integrate considerable and relevant information from various sources. This report is thus based upon sources including scientific literature, information from public sources, and producer associations. In addition information has been obtained from reliable and miscellaneous sources on the internet, and from people experienced in aquaculture including the authors of this report. The authors have aimed at balancing the text so that it partly reflects either the volume of the aquaculture production or the relevance for BAT. This means that information about Norwegian production of salmon, that is particularly large and thus in general receives major focus, is more comprehensive. Furthermore, in Denmark technological solutions for reducing the environmental impact of aquaculture have in recent years been developed intensely, why these also are thoroughly described here. The reader should furthermore pay attention to the fact that the report mostly discusses fish culture, as the relative production of other aquatic animals like crustaceans or molluscs (yet) is relatively small within the Nordic countries. The same applies for production of aquatic plants.


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