Animal By-Products in Contingency Planning

The proceedings of a Nordic-Baltic Mini-seminar on handling of animal by-products and other products in relation to outbreaks of serious transmissible diseases 8 – 9 May 2019, Tallinn, Estonia

image of Animal By-Products in Contingency Planning

Veterinary contingency planning in the Nordic-Baltic countries aims to prepare national veterinary administrations and stakeholders to respond speedily and effectively to emergency situations caused by contagious animal diseases. Such diseases may have a disastrous impact on the livelihood of people working in the livestock sector and related industries. The Nordic and Baltic countries have by large adopted very similar guidelines for the development of animal health contingency plans; guidelines based on the four pillars: disease prevention, preparatory arrangements, response and recovery. This report contains information on the conduct of a Nordic-Baltic mini-seminar on the handling of animal by-products and other products in relation to outbreaks of serious transmissible diseases.



Workshops on foot-and-mouth disease, African swine fever and anthrax outbreaks

Workshops were facilitated by Dr. Fred Landeg, UK (FMD), Dr. Maarja Kristian, Estonia (ASF) and Dr. Patrik Moström, Sweden (anthrax). For this part of the seminar the participants were divided into four groups based on their interests. Two of the groups worked on a scenario based on a foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak, one based on African swine fever (ASF) and one on anthrax. The facilitators had prepared scenarios beforehand. They introduced the scenarios and the objectives of the workshops to the groups and facilitated the work in each group. There was a chairperson chosen by the participants in each of the groups, who directed and summarized their work, as well as a secretary.


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