Social integration

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The Nordic countries differentiate themselves from other countries by combining high standards of living and a relatively even distribution of income. However, the financing of the Nordic welfare model entails a heavy tax burden and a major redistribution of income, compared with most other countries in the world. The level of income is generally high and differences in the income level relatively small in the Nordic countries compared with other OECD countries. Generally, households with the lowest disposable incomes also receive the largest proportion of social benefits in relation to their gross income. For more information:

Keywords:  median income, income, social integration, household, house price

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Nordic Council of Ministers

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This indicator shows the percentage of population aged 18+ who receive social assistance in the Nordic region. In all of the Nordic countries, financial social assistance may be granted when all other support options in connection with loss of income or other circumstances have been excluded. For more information:

Keywords:  refugees, aid, social assistance, introduction benefits
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