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Economic inequality is the difference in how assets, wealth, or income are distributed among individuals and/or populations. It is also described as the gap between rich and poor, income inequality, wealth disparity, wealth and income differences, or the wealth gap. When it comes to the risk of poverty, all the Nordic countries are considered to be very equal societies. The risk of poverty is often measured as a percentage of the population with an income under 50 or 60 per cent of the median income. For more information:

Keywords:  poor, inequality, poverty, wealth gap, wealth, risk of poverty, rich, income, economic inequality

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  • Risk of poverty

    This indicator shows the per cent of households with an income under 60 per cent of median equivalised income in the Nordic region.
  • Income inequality

    This indicator shows the income inequality in the Nordic region.
  • Women in national parliament

    This indicator shows the number of female elected candidates in the Nordic region in per cent of the total number of elected candidates in the latest election.
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